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It is interesting to observe how people respond to a crisis, some curl up in a ball to withdraw from life, others shout or criticise those trying their best “AKA the UK press” and then there are those like my brother who step up and use their talents to bring some hope to humanity, awesome playing Mike 🙂  bornmusicians

SHN #StayHomeNow

We recently had the honour of working on this wonderful film made by St Luke's London and directed by Malcolm Venville via Anonymous Content, to highlight the plight of those on the frontline, especially the NHS and how just by staying home we are helping them. And indeed, that we will meet again! Please watch and share.Our thanks to Wise Music Creative UK for being so on board and involved, and for making this possible with the use of "We'll Meet Again" (Charles / Parker).Together we can turn this around – #StayHomeNow #keyworkers #wellmeetagain ?

Posted by Native Music Supervision on Wednesday, 22 April 2020