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Class Globe 5.80

CraigSailing Members, followers & budding adventure sailors are invited to join together to build & sail a new concept in offshore sailing the ClassGlobe 5.80.

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Globe Races

The ClassGlobe 5.80 is the brainchild of Don McIntyre organiser of the Ocean Globe and Golden Globe races.

Don McIntyre describes the ClassGlobe 8.50 as “the people’s boat”!

Certainly from what we have seen of the hull design anyone handy with a jigsaw should be able to cut one out of marine plywood, stitch and glue with epoxy resin in just over 500 hours and then sail-race single or double-handed across the bay or an ocean or two.

Environmental friendly by design

Circumnavigate the UK

The boat’s first ocean adventure will be a circumnavigation of the UK to promote Craig Sailing CIC’s charitable work providing mental health sailing programs to people who experience a life crisis.

Help Needed!

CraigSailing is calling out for volunteers and sponsors to assist with the construction of hull No. 6.

In return, contributors will be offered an opportunity to be part of the circumnavigation relay crew.

The boat will be stopping at various locations around the UK coastline providing the opportunity for sponsors to promote their organisation to a national audience.

Hull No. 6

We have received our copy of the plans for hull No. 6 where we are currently working through the 2D image files and putting together a 3D CAD drawing to fully understand the construction with the ambition to start cutting out the bulkheads over the summer, followed by assemby during the autumn – winter months 2020.


  • 8mm, 10mm & 20mm marine plywood construction
  • Aluminium mast and boom sections
  • Covered with a fibreglass layer
  • Epoxy paint finished
  • Fabricated keel
  • Dacron sails


All going well following the circumnavigation of the UK in the spring-summer of 2021, the boat will head out on the first Class Globe 5.80 Transat in November 2021 followed by the Azores race in June – July 2022 as part of its warm-up races for the round the world Class Globe 5.80 2024 race, which will conclude this amazing adventure.

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