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Class Xero

CraigSailing Members, followers & budding adventure sailors are invited to join together to build & sail a new concept in offshore sailing the Class Xero.

2020 © Class Xero

A Sustainable Project

The Class Xero is the brainchild of Craig Palmer founder of CraigSailing CIC

Originally inspired by Craig’s the Southern Ocean and offshore sailing adventures, where he witnessed first hand the negative effects of man’s wast pollution on our living planet.

The project objectives have been set to develop a sustainable, safe ocean-going yacht design, that could be constructed from eco-sustainable materials.

After a 12-year period of research, testing and custom design the project is progressing to the prototype build phase of hull X0.

Environmental friendly by design

The Class Xero takes the bio- principle to another level, designed to be constructed from recycled pallets and compressed coffee grounds overlayed with a unidirectional composite Flax fibre, infused with Bio-based epoxy resin and finished off with Radial cut sails a cut that time has shown outlast most traditional alternatives.

Some may consider the Class Xero too small for an ocean adventure but head out to sea in the knowledge our designers have considered ISO 12217-2 Class B offshore requirements throughout the design process.

The Angle of Vanishing Stability.

Class Xero designers have ensured self-righting characteristics comes as standard.

Positive lateral righting moment curves demonstrate the Class Xero is unique in its class.

Press play and then drag the video cursor to the right to see the Class Xero’s stability profile in action.

Safety Vs Performance.

Whatever your prefered angle of heal is the Class Xero’s unique hull form ensures its displacement hull speed is maintained.

Help Needed!

CraigSailing is calling out for volunteers and sponsors to assist with the construction of hull No. XO.

In return, contributors will be offered an opportunity to be part of the circumnavigation relay crew.

The boat will be stopping at various locations around the UK coastline providing the opportunity for sponsors to promote their organisations eco-credentials to a national and international audience.

Hull No.

The design is in an advance stage with negotiations opened with a number of material supplier organisations. If your organisation would like to get involved please contact the team @

Design/Images © 2020

Circumnavigate the UK

The boat’s first ocean adventure will be a circumnavigation of the UK to promote Craig Sailing CIC’s charitable work providing mental health sailing programs to people who experience a life crisis.