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Get started

Inorder to race you will need a Virtual Regatta account. If you are using a PC click on the Google icon to access the Virtual Regatta APP site – there are mobile app options for your phone or tablet if you prefer.


Can I play for free?

You can participate in every race without purchasing anything. You will be offered credits “VR money” at the time of your registration and also when you register for a race, these are optional. You will also win credits based on your ranking when you cross the finish line. If you wish, you can also purchase additional credits to fill your virtual wallet

We recommend that you watch the walk through video below to get a good feel for how it all works and to at least go through the online training tutorial before your first actual race.


Once you are online, you will need to register an email address; read the T&C’s and confirm your acceptance. VR will then send you a email to confirm your address, reply to complete your registration.

During the registration process you will be required to:

  • Provide an email address
  • Create a Pseudo “Nickname”, this will be the name other racers will know you by
  • Create a strong password for game login and token payment purposes
  • Acceptance of T&C’s for the world championship is not required for non World Championship races

Main Page

If you have got to the main page you have successfully registered.

To edit profile click on your Pseudo Nickname

Followed by a click on the head icon

Custom Settings

There are some settings you may wish to make, like turn Off/On the music etc. click on the settings icon and adjust as required.

Settings icon

Custom Day Boat Racer

Next customise your Day Boat Racer, hull colour and sail logo/number.

*Some options will require use of  your tokens, there are in APP purchase options for additional tokens.

Custom Day Boat Racer


The next step is to learn how to eRace, click on the SAILING SCHOOL icon and work through the tutorials.