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Our Mission

Time Out


Founder Craig Palmer quotes:

“Our goal is for each member of the crew to return ashore with a positive view of their future, empowered to make changes to their lives direction and everyone who joins us to remain energized to make those forgotten dreams come true”.

Community Objectives:

Registered as a Community Interest Company, we provide a range of learning and time-out activities based around offshore/coastal sailing and wooden boat building. Our objective is to enable people who have experienced a mental health crisis to have the opportunity to go sailing as part of their road to recovery and good mental health. Learning to sail takes people out of their comfort zone and shows them that they can do things they never believed they would do, because they are part of a team and everyone needs to contribute to building, maintaining and sailing the boats. We offer sail training and boat building skills training and use these activities to provide clients with a mental break from life’s difficulties, developing confidence and a sense of wellbeing. We are building relationships with individuals and organisations to deliver the programme, working with marginalised communities, helping them to get the most out of coastal activities

Making dreams come true!